What is the importance of solar power (solarne elektrane)?

Solar power (solarne elektrane) is the energy received by the earth from the sun that is converted into electrical or thermal energy. Solar energy influences weather, sustains life and earth’s atmosphere. Do you know that sunlight has the potential to supply as renewable energy as it is required to run the machines, electronics and equipment? There is never going to be a shortage of energy if we switch to the solar system instead of depending on fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are a form of stored solar power (solarne elektrane). Rainfall, evaporated water that feeds the rivers created by the sun heat is the main source of hydropower. The wind power is another form of renewable or solar energy. Gas, oil, and coal are formed from plants and animals decomposed hundred millions years ago. Plants also grow with the help of sunlight. Mechanical equipment is not needed for passive solar heating.
There are some useful strategies for passive solar power (solarne elektrane) or space heating such as:
• Pond of water can provide a flat roof cover – It is an insulating screen cover that can keep us cool in summer
• An entire wall of double-glazed windows provides good insulation for storing sun heat
• Large sun facing windows help in allowing maximum sunlight and heat
• Air circulating by convection between the wall and behind the layer of glass, with a heavy dark-colored sun facing wall is a good source of solar heat
The solar energy is a term for describing a range of methods for acquiring energy from the sun. For instance, hydropower, biomass, and wind power are all forms of solar energy.
• Some important applications of solar power (solarne elektrane) in modern days are summarized below:

Solar cooking
• Day lighting
• Solar hot water systems
• Solar air-conditioning systems
• Solar desalination
• Solar chimney
• Solar powered vehicles
• Solar electricity thermal
• Solar electricity photovoltaic
• High-temperature procedure heat for industries
• Heating through solar architecture
• Space cooling through solar architecture
• Potable water purification systems

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