Como criar um blog? Let’s check it out here


Whether you want to enter into blogging business or it’s just a simple hobby of yours, you must create a blog efficiently. As you know online world mainly consists of blogging, and a great number of readers visit each blog every day, you need to make a blog capable of standing out in the online world. Now, Como criar um blog? Let’s check out in this article.

Como criar um blog successfully
Creating a blog is not as hard as it seems. You are not required to possess some technical skills to do it. All you need to have is a great topic to write for, and some money to invest behind these blogs. However, you can also create a blog and add themes to it just for free. But it is not recommended.
Free blogs do not get their own web hosting servers and fail to handle traffic. Occasional crashes and frequent server down are nothing uncommon. It may look like they are not major problems, but once you enter into the business of blogging; you will realize why they are so annoying. So, why not choose a basic plan like $20 per month.
Some Steps
At first, you need to buy a domain name from certain companies and register it into the web hosting servers. You would need to invest around $40 dollars for the basic plan. Hosting the domain name is very easy. Open the webpage of the company, follow the instructions, change the settings and register your domain name. Then download and install popular blogging platforms like WordPress.
It provides free as well as paid services. Paid services allow you to utilize certain plugins so that you become a better blogger. Write a blog there in WordPress, add themes and publish it. However, do remember the steps on como criar um blog (How to create a blog) successfully.

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